February 10, 2013 Town of Avon Press Release

Town of Avon Press Release


Time:                    9:00 a.m.

Date:                     Sunday, February 10, 2013

Contact:               Avon Police Dispatch (non-emergency) (860) 409-4200

                                In case of emergency, dial 911.

Subject:               Winter Storm Charlotte

Friday night’s storm dropped 24” of snow in Avon.  Avon Public Works staff worked through the night Friday and all day Saturday to ensure that major local roadways were passable by emergency vehicles (one-lane).  The emphasis on Sunday is to begin the process of widening travel lanes and improving sightlines to accommodate two passing vehicles.  DPW staff will work through the day and evening again on Sunday, but the process will take time.  Please be patient.

It is understandably frustrating when your driveway apron is refilled with snow by a passing plow truck, but this is, unfortunately, unavoidable, as the drivers work to reopen roadways as efficiently as possible.  When clearing snow on your property, please do not move it into the roadway, as this will delay the cleanup process.

With rain in the extended forecast, residents are encouraged to clear downspouts so that water can flow away from homes.

The Avon Volunteer Fire Department reminds residents who have home heating system exhausted on the side of their homes (low enough to be obstructed by snow), please check to make sure the exhaust is unobstructed to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.