AVFD to Residents: Adopt a Hydrant

In preparation for this winter’s first big snowfall, Avon Volunteer Fire Department Chief Michael Trick is urging all residents and business owners to take notice of fire hydrants located near their homes and offices. By “adopting” the nearest hydrant and keeping it clear of snow and ice, people can help volunteer firefighters access the water supply when needed.

“A snow covered hydrant could be the difference between life and death,” says AVFD Chief Trick. “We have 750 fire hydrants in town and will lose precious minutes if we need one that is covered in snow. We’re asking everyone in town to simply adopt the hydrant nearest their home or office and make sure it’s accessible.”

In Avon, a town ordinance requires residents and business owners to always keep fire hydrants on their property clear of snow. The AVFD encourages citizens to make a habit of observing the hydrants in their neighborhoods throughout the year. If something doesn’t look right, please contact the AVFD at (860) 677-2644.