Every Monday, the AVFD will post an incident call log from the previous week.  Click HERE for an archive of previous weeks’ call logs (beginning July 1, 2012).  For a description of call types, click HERE.

Incident Log for the Week of April 23, 2017 through April 30, 2017

Date Location of Incident Incident Type*
4/22/17 Whispering Pines Service Call
4/23/17 Toll Gate Lane Service Call
4/23/17 Sunrise Drive Good Intent Call
4/23/17 September Way Fire
4/23/17 Thompson Road Alarm Activation
4/23/17 Cheltenham Way Alarm Activation
4/25/17 West Avon Road Alarm Activation
4/26/17 Saint Andrews Drive Alarm Activation
4/27/17 Fisher Drive Service Call
4/27/17 Hurdle Fence Drive Service Call
4/28/17 Fisher Drive Alarm Activation
4/28/17 Parsons Way Alarm Activation
4/29/17 Scarborough Drive Service Call
4/29/17 School Street Service Call
4/30/17 Westbury Hazardous Condition (No Fire)

* Note:  Incident Type designation pending officer review and will be updated in the year-to-date statistics as necessary.