Explorers Win at Junior Firefighter Muster

In October, Avon Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) explorers participated in a Junior Firefighter Muster at the Connecticut Fire Academy in Windsor Locks.  They emerged victorious with the best overall time for their completion of a relay of different drills.

“The Muster is an opportunity for fire explorers to compete in real time drills that firefighters use during incident response every day,” says Tom Post, AVFD Explorer program advisor, volunteer firefighter, and Town of Avon fire inspector.  “These kids did an incredible job – they’re going to make great firefighters.”

AVFD explorers are high school students, 14 years or older, who are interested in learning more about the fire service.  They participate in weekly drills guided by AVFD firefighters and other personnel, assist with fire safety programs at the local schools, and participate in the AVFD’s other community programs such as parades, food drives, fundraisers, and more.  They provide support services at emergency scenes.

At the Muster, the explorers competed in seven drills – they were:

  • Bucket Brigade – Move water from a fill site to a dump site;
  • Hose/Maze Crawl – Navigate through the CT Fire Academy burn building with simulated zero visibility conditions while following a charged hose line and negotiating obstacles;
  • Pump, Roll & Squirt – Neatly roll 50 feet of hose, use a pump’s water spray to knock down targets, and use a charged hose line to knock down another target;
  • Midnight Alarm – “Sleeping” explorers are alerted by an alarm and race to dress in turnout gear, putting on coat, pants, boots, helmet, and gloves located in different areas;
  • Re-packing a Hose Bed – Repack a used hose so it is again ready for deployment;
  • High Rise Standpipe – Connect water supply to support a water stream from an upper story  standpipe outlet; and
  • Stretcher Relay – Move a mannequin secured in a Stokes basket through an obstacle course without dropping the basket.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Avon Volunteer Fire Department prides itself on the selflessness and dedication of its members – firefighters, fire police, administrative members, Explorers, active veterans, senior veterans, and associate members, all of whom play a vital role in the safety of Avon.  The Department operates six companies and 15 pieces of apparatus, including a brush truck, ladder truck, tanker, rescue vehicle, boat, and pumpers.  Four stations are located throughout Town – Company 1 on Darling Drive, Company 2 on Secret Lake Road, Company 3 on West Avon Road, and Company 4 on Huckleberry Hill Road.  Anyone interested in learning more about the AVFD should call the Avon Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) at 677-2644, visit www.avonvfd.org, or stop by the Company 1 firehouse located at 25 Darling Drive any Monday evening after 7:00.