Good at Fighting Fires, Not So Good at Proofreading

It’s a good thing the members of the Avon Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) are highly skilled at fighting fires, extricating victims at motor vehicle accidents, and controlling the area surrounding emergency incidents … because they can really use some work on their proofreading.

Earlier this week, the AVFD sent out its annual appeal letter to homes and businesses around town. For those wanting to make donations online, the letter directed them to the Avon Fire Department in Indiana – the addresses for that department’s website and the AVFD’s website differ by just one letter, “v” for volunteer. The AVFD’s web address is On the AVFD’s website, there are prominent links for anyone wanting to make a secure donation with a credit card.

“Of all years for us to make this goof, it had to be the year we’re trying to raise the most money,” says AVFD Chief Michael Trick. “We need to raise $500,000 for our share of the live fire training facility to be built in Farmington, and every little bit counts – from the fundraising nights we just had at The Local Grill and Sweet Frog to our big golf tournament in August at Farmington Woods.”

To get out the word about the typo in the letter, the AVFD is asking local media to publish information about the error. In addition, the Department is utilizing its Facebook page (AvonVFD) and hopes residents will share its posts with their friends not only helping get out the correct information but also encouraging people to make donations.

About the AVFD

Incorporated in 1943, the Avon Volunteer Fire Department provides fire suppression and prevention, life safety and rescue support, as well as other community support to the citizens of the Town of Avon. In addition, the Department provides mutual aid support to those surrounding communities that, in time of need, may request such assistance.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Avon Volunteer Fire Department operates four stations – Company 1 (Headquarters) on Darling Drive, Company 2 on Secret Lake Road, Company 3 on West Avon Road, and Company 4 on Huckleberry Hill Road. Anyone interested in learning more about the AVFD should call Headquarters at 677-2644, visit, or stop by the Company 1 firehouse located at 25 Darling Drive any Monday evening after 7:00.